V is for Voila! Pacifier be gone!

Ever since she was an infant, when AH wasn’t eating, she was either sucking her thumb or a pacifier. I was never surprised by this because we had ultrasound pictures of her sucking her thumb. She preferred her thumb to a pacifier, hands down, so eventually we encouraged the pacifier anytime she would suck her thumb. We figured it would be easier to take a pacifier away than it would be to remove her thumbs.


Our encouragement worked and by the time she was a year old she no longer sucked her thumb. However, it was obvious that getting the pacifier away from her was going to be a challenge.

AH genuinely loved her “bibi” and so did we. Without it, she wouldn’t sleep through the night so who were we to argue with a full night’s sleep?


When AH was a little less than two, we stopped letting her have a pacifier all day and she only got it when she slept. I didn’t really mind her having it, but i was worried that the longer we waited to take it away, the harder it would be. The Husband insisted she “was still a baby” and was less insistent on her giving it up.

He and I agreed that on her third birthday, we would take it away. So I tried to think of ways to have her give it up on her own and be happy about it. There were a few things I considered; giving it to Santa, leaving it for The Bibi Fairy, sending it to new babies who need them. I chose to have her put it inside a “Bibi Bear.” Months prior to her birthday, we began talking to her about turning three and how that meant she would trade her pacifier for a Bibi Bear.

Well…yesterday, my little baby, AH, turned three years old.
And so the time had come.

On Sunday, LD and I took AH to Build-A-Bear Workshop to pick out her Bibi bear. I was a little worried about how this would go. I thought, for sure, that AH would suddenly change her mind. And there I’d be, in the middle of Build-a-Bear, forced to buy a bear that she wouldn’t put her pacifier in.



LD helped to keep AH excited and took her around the store showing her all the animals and outfits.
To my surprise, it went off without a hitch.






That is, until bedtime.

Once it was time to go to sleep, she cried and cried for her pacifier and ended up in bed with The Husband and me. Night number two, same thing, but not quite as many tears. I began to question why we even took it away in the first place.

Thankfully, tonight (night number three), was a breeze. Our bedtime routine went smoothly and I put her in her bed. She put herself to sleep after singing a song or two and talking to Daisy, her Rabbit that holds her pacifiers in its tummy.


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Happy Blogging,



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