On the road again

Here’s a peek at what the start of a family vacation really looks like.


We’re loaded up and on our way to Jellystone Park, home of Yogi Bear, in Waller, TX.

The Husband (not pictured) and I are exhausted and short tempered because it took an act of congress to get everyone and everything in the car and ready to go.

JD is already watching his movie which means not much will steal his focus the entire ride. This is a good thing because he’s the one who likes to ask, “Are we there yet?”

AH just got caught taking off the lid to her Sonic drink (a BIG no-no) and put up a fight when we tried to take it from her so she wouldn’t spill it. You can tell by the look on her face she’s totally busted.

LD is the texting machine in the back seat. She’s been in the car 2.65 seconds and already sent 3,619 text messages.

In the very back, our family mascot, Dashy, is inside his kennel. And as I type this, he begins to gag.

Jellystone here we come.

Happy blogging,



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