Weekend at Yogi’s: Jellystone Park- Day 1

(Due to my immense state of fatigue, I failed to publish this yesterday.)

It’s 11:45 p.m. on a Saturday and I’m beat.

Today was our first full day at Jellystone Park and it was a blast. Our early riser, AH, was up and at ’em at 7:00 a.m. I put off getting out of bed for another 30 minutes or so until she requested a breakfast of “a cereal bar and chips.” Since we are on vacation, I gave it to her.

Once JD woke up, I headed to what he and AH called “the playground.” This wasn’t a playground. This was a massive obstacle course covered in bright colored foam. Think of a play area at McDonalds and multiply that by five. It. Was. Awesome.


I loved that it was big enough to keep the kids occupied for a while and it was safe enough that I could sit next to it at a picnic table and watch them play without worry they’d get lost or hurt.


Once we were done there, the swim area and the water slides were open. The next six hours our entire gang spent the day swimming, splashing, sliding, soaking up rays and having water gun fights.

AH is serious about eye protection.

The great thing about the swim area is there is something for both my little one and my big kids to do. And the adults can relax and have a good time too.


One side of the pool area was shallow enough for AH to walk around the whole thing and go up and down smaller slides. Unfortunately, she wasn’t too keen on the slides but she still had plenty to keep her busy. The other side was deep enough to swim in, although LD and JD spent the bulk of their time using super soakers to drench innocent bystanders, aka, any of their family members lounging poolside. My dad, The Husband, and my brother-in-law were just as bad as the kids when it came to doling out water gun showers.

There’s also a huge six lane slide that, when you climb to the top, you have a view of almost the entire campground. I love this slide. The ride down is totally worth walking up all the stairs.

Once evening came, we had trouble agreeing on what activities to do so our group chose to divide and conquer. LD and JD went to watch karaoke on the big stage (think little kids singing Taylor Swift and the like- too cute!). My niece went on the hayride that was departing right near our campsite. The Hubs and I took AH to watch A Bee Story at the outdoor theater.


There are rows of logs for seating and a huge screen that the movie is projected on. This is probably one of my favorite things about Jellystone because I watched movies there when I was little and my parents brought us.

After the movie, Karaoke and the hay ride, we all met back at our campers and hung out until we couldn’t hold our eyes open anymore.


Sweet dreams & Happy blogging,


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