Weekend at Yogi’s: Jellystone Park- Day 2

Good Morning, Jellystone, Waller, TX!!

On Sunday, I got to sleep in until a whopping 8:00 in the a.m.!! If you’re familiar with AH’s sleep habits, this is pretty major. And the fact that she slept that late while away from home makes it even more of a newsworthy event.

So, here’s what I wake up to…


Waking up to this view of my wild haired child, how could I not smile?

Once we were up and dressed, we took a ride on the golf cart we rented for the weekend. We drove around and looked at the fishing ponds, the putt putt golf course and all the cabins (we’re thinking of renting one next year).

Then we walked to Yogi’s Kitchen where we had an all-you-can-eat pancake breakfast complete with bacon and orange juice (YUM!). Also, there was a bin filled with books that kids could read when they were done eating. I had to limit AH to three because she tends to get really excited about books (which I love) but can be a bit stingy with them.

Shortly after breakfast, the clouds rolled in and it started pouring down rain. Luckily, rain let up enough for us to go to the craft lodge and keep busy for a while.

My girls, LD and AH, were really excited about going to paint. JD, on the other hand, was convinced that they would only have “baby stuff” in there.


Once he got inside and saw all the different ceramics there were to choose from, he changed his tune from, “Ah, it’s only gonna be baby stuff,” to “Ooo, I want the shark! No, wait, the four wheeler!”

AH immediately laid eyes on a “choo-choo train” and painted it pink, red & blue. The end result was a bit of a tie-dyed paint job but she was proud.

LD picked out a monkey to paint. I think this was, mainly, because it was one of the largest ones. There was a dinosaur that was even bigger but then she remembered she’s not really a fan of dinosaurs and “the monkey is really cute.”


There were also T-shirts you could paint on with fabric pens. I was secretly wishing AH would pick a shirt because the pens were less messy and there were some really cute shirts. I almost got one for me and colored it myself. And then I remembered that I had a three year old with me that was armed with acrylic paint and a glass figurine. I decided I would just supervise her instead but next time I’m so getting a shirt.

By the time we finished our crafts and got back to the campsite, it had stopped raining and the guys were getting everything packed up and ready to go back home. *sigh*

Our weekend with Yogi was coming to a close. The days flew by and now it’s time to go back to the real world.

There are so many things I like about this place. For us, its relatively close to home (about an hour and 15 minute drive). There’s stuff to keep the kids entertained and adults enjoy it, too. Even our pug, Dash, had a good time.

Plus, I love coming back to a place I camped as a kid. I love making some of the same memories with my kids as my parents made with us when we were little.

Sad to leave but looking forward to coming back next year.


Pic-a-nik Baskets and Happy Blogging,



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