A ring, a Samaritan, and a spoon

I’ve got a little catching up to do. This weekend was crazy busy so I didn’t even attempt to write a post. On days 10-12 of the Photo A Day August Challenge, I took lots of pictures but none of them were based on the list.

So here are days 10-12 of the Photo A Day August Challenge…

Day 10: Ring

The first ring that came to mind when I read the list for Day 10 was my wedding ring. When I look at it, I think of what it stands for and how it was given to me. And I imagine what it will look like on my hand 40 years from now and I smile. Also, the Beatles’ “When I’m 64” plays in my head.

Day 11: Purple

The parable of the Good Samaritan is one of the first parables I remember learning about as a child. Its also one of my favorites because it reminds us to put aside our differences, no matter how great or small, and help others. If we have the ability to give of our time, our money, our resources, then we should give if it will help someone in need. I don’t think I’m the Samaritan nearly enough.

Day 12: Spoon

When I read the prompt for Day 12, I thought, “Seriously, a spoon? Take a picture of a spoon. Okay.” When I sat the spoon down on the table to take the picture, the words from Hey Diddle Diddle popped into my head and this photo was born.

Can’t believe it’s almost mid August. That means I’m almost half the way done with the challenge!

Happy blogging,



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