A Simple ‘Stache

Simple –
1. easy to understand, deal with, use, etc.: a simple matter; simple tools.
2. not elaborate or artificial; plain: a simple style.
3. not ornate or luxurious; unadorned: a simple gown.

Tonight, while dinner was cooking, AH and I broke out the crayons and paper for some coloring fun. The end result? These killer mustaches.


It’s funny the conversations you’ll have with a three year old when you just sit back and let her talk about every little thought that comes into her head.

AH was full of random statements…

“Mama, I love cows so much. But not robots and monsters. Cows have five legs.”

“Here, Mama, I got these two colors for you.”

“Mama, I want to go camping at Yogi Bear’s house.”

“Mama, I’m going to make a helicopter!” (paper airplane)

It was really good to have some down time this evening and sometimes the simple things are the most fun.

Oh, and just in case you ever wondered, AH let me know tonight that God, in fact, does not have a mustache.

Happy blogging,

*The prompt for Day 13 in the Photo A Day August Challenge is simple.


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